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Florida kids come together...to bitch....=D [entries|friends|calendar]
We live in Florida, whether we like it or not...

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[21 Sep 2010|11:09pm]

you still around?
1 scream in my face - Tell me how it really is.

HEY [17 Nov 2009|06:52am]

Moved to, Vero beach FL.

Female, 24, BI.

Looking for some cool people to meet!

Tell me how it really is.

[14 May 2009|11:31pm]

what do i say when i dont know what you're saying?
Tell me how it really is.

hey you [06 Mar 2009|09:06pm]


that is all.
Tell me how it really is.

[12 Aug 2008|05:45pm]

i just wanna point out that 727 is where the REALSEMINOLE is...because it is in fact the SHIT.


look out 904!!
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[10 Aug 2008|07:08pm]

Dear current and future Florida residents/tourists:

Do not be fooled, the 727 is indeed the "fake" Seminole Florida.

... and YeehawJunction is the shit.
Tell me how it really is.

[27 May 2008|11:17pm]

do you believe in magic?
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[15 Nov 2007|04:22pm]

I hope against all hopes that I'm not that coward.
I don't want to be that person to you, no matter what you might think.
Tell me how it really is.

Want to Become a Cosplay Deviant? [28 Sep 2007|09:50pm]


CosplayDeviants.com is looking for models who would like to have a little costume fun.

We accept self-shot model sets or you can shoot with our photographer. All of our models are paid and have access to other benefits. So come on and show us just how devious you can be.

Tell me how it really is.

[25 Sep 2007|06:47pm]
I apologize ahead of time if rules are broken, or feelings are offended.

My name is Sam. I'm a Central Florida-based photographer.

"Hello, all. My name is Sam. I'm 18, and am trying to find my defining moment. I'm an education and photo major. I'm pr'simple; I like music, movies, photography, video games, books, friends, etc. I enjoy saving money, and movies that make me squirm. I enjoy playing cards and finishing puzzles. I love watching 'Friends' reruns, and reading Chuck Palahniuk books. I also love Guitar Hero, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I was born and raised in Germany, but currently reside in good ol' Florida. By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had been in 6 different schools. I currently have ideas, but truly no clue what I aspire to be in life, and I seem alright with that. I'm a very big conversationalist. I love listening, debating, and conversing. I guess if there's anything else you'd like to know before you add me and start talking; you can comment, and I'd be so inclined to answer. If you would, in fact like to add me, and it's not too much trouble, please comment this entry, so that I could keep track of things. I would really like to meet/talk to more people. :)"

I am here to meet/talk to new people; as well as get my photo project in motion.
For my photo class, I need some actual jobs. I work for free, but I need people. I'm really great with stills and live action shots of bands. And, I've almost perfected shots of people, single or in group. If you, or anybody you know, would love, or wouldn't mind, their picture taken, please oh please let me know. I don't charge, and I have a relatively open schedule, and my own means of transportation. I have somewhat of a portfolio, if you'd like one - but really, it's a lot, because I'm always with my camera, for professional/skilled pictures, or just for fun/memory.
I'd love new friends on myspace. I've my own materials and such. I don't mind going out in the 'field', getting dirty, paying to be at a show, or anything like that. I certainly have no room to complain, and the more involved I am, the more fun I have, and the more words my pictures show. Hell, I'll even pay you to find somebody that wants their picture taken and such. I'll do anything at this point. This is the biggest project of my career. Depending on how I do on this, depends on how much of a scholarship I get.
I've created a SITE to show some of my work, and for people to keep updated with things like that. I have still-life, action sports, and live music shots; but they didn't make it on the site. Today, I was told that I am in the top three of my class - my prof wouldn't tell me which number I really was. Depending on how I do on this project determines the THOUSANDS of dollars I get for my scholarship. Please, oh please. Do you have events or projects or days coming up that you wouldn't mind a photographer there? I don't need money, I have transportation, and money to pay my way through to the event/project/day. I need all the pictures I can get. I need at least 1,000 photos for each SUB-category. So, anything, and everything, will help. You can keep what I take, I'll send 'em to you; I just need to be able to turn them in, in my portfolio. On the site, you have my contact information, as well as that past entry. I will even pay you, to get me a photo-taking gig.
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Friends or Enemies. [22 Jan 2007|07:18pm]

Did anyone go to the Friend or Enemies Tour last night at Hard Rock Live in Orlando?

I was thereeeeeee.

And wtf is up with this bipolar weather being more unpredictable than it usually is?
1 scream in my face - Tell me how it really is.

[20 Jan 2007|06:56pm]

i'll prove you wrong.
Tell me how it really is.

[20 Jan 2007|04:44pm]

Tell me how it really is.

[18 Nov 2006|11:36am]


We had 2 tickets for direct flights
They gave me no email or phone notification that they had changed my flights and gave me an impossible itinerary of 1 minute to change planes on the way back on what was supposed to be a direct flight. The trip out was also a half hour later.
We wouldve shown up at the airport a half hour after the plane left.
It was only the fact that my girlfriend happened to check the website that we even caught this!
Tell me how it really is.

[05 Nov 2006|10:06pm]

i decided i would randomly check this site, not believing you when you said it was still here. still here...maybe. still used....no way! but you used it.

if you do come upon this like i came upon what you just posted, i want you to know that i do love you. or what i know of you.

sometimes i really believe you saved my life.
i am lucky to have talked with you so many nights.
1 scream in my face - Tell me how it really is.

[02 Nov 2006|10:36am]

I <3 Maddie, and I hope that she feels better.

Tell me how it really is.

[01 Nov 2006|07:02pm]

this is fucking pissing me off

i mailed in the form for absentee and they said they didnt have me on file

i cant fill out a paper ballot either
i have to do that hackable computer shit

In the aftermath of the November 2000 Presidential Election, the Florida Legislature voted to decertify punch card voting systems. Beginning with the September 10, 2002 Primary Election, the Miami-Dade Elections Department is now utilizing a new voting system. A Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Voting System with "Touchscreen" technology is now being used at the Polling Places and an Optical Scan Voting System is now being used for mail-in absentee ballot voting.

wow. computers both ways??
this scares the fucking shit out of me


Tell me how it really is.

[26 Oct 2006|07:59pm]

anyone else find it odd that whites are the minority in miami and yet the majority of the population here is latin and can get financial aid at miami-dade college as a 'minority'?

affirmative action turned on it's head.
Tell me how it really is.

insane electrical rates [08 Sep 2006|07:24pm]

i dont understand

we set our thermostat to shut the AC off during the day while kris is at work. i go downstairs where its cooler. and our electrical consumption WENT UP!
our water consumption DOUBLED?

we're already using flourescents for every bulb in the house!

what the fuck?
we've been suspecting city of homestead utilities are rigged but this is ridiculous. what can we do about it?

and now theyre saying theyre going to raise the rates 2%.

they already raised the rates early this year due to the hurricanes last year.

we're going to keep track of the number on our meters everyday and see if theyre telling us a different number than the meter reads. its really fishy.
Tell me how it really is.

[08 Sep 2006|05:16pm]

why do fire ants attack clothing?

its happened a couple times now where ill leave my clothes on the ground only to come back and see them being swarmed by fire ants.
are they mining my body oils out of it?

ive found they like oils better than sugar because ive been grilling and wiped down the grill with vegetable oil and left the bag with a little marinate on the ground and they went for the vegetable oil over the marinate.

its made me completely anal about keeping the house immaculate, i cant imagine what it would be like being a slob with the fireants.

is it the detergent? i use standard generic liquid costco clothes detergent and no softener.
Tell me how it really is.

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