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Florida kids come together...to bitch....=D

We're "hardcore" yo...

We live in Florida, whether we like it or not...
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Okay, this community is for the kiddies who are from Florida who either hate it or love it. Talk about whatever in Florida that pisses you off or makes you happy. Example: concerts, the people, the places to go, the things to do, etc.

Rules are as follows: You just have to be from or live in Florida to join.
When you first post, say where in Florida you live and anything else
that you think would be essential to your post.
Don't fucking advertise other communities in here. Go find another
community to bother if you wanna do that.

You can post about local shows coming up in Florida and upcoming bands as well (that's very much encouraged). And if any interesting events are happening you can post about those too.
Basically you can rant about why you hate Florida or rave about how "cool" it is. It doesn't matter. Have fun kiddies!